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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India started functioning in July, 1949 with a membership of 1573 which to-day has crossed over 100000. The Institute is an examining and Licensing body conducting education and examinations of the students, regulations of their engagement and training, regulations of the members of profession and their practice.

A Chartered Accountant is required to observe high standards of integrity and professional conduct. He has to keep himself up-dated with the latest and frequent changing laws, techniques, standards and practices. Seminars and Conferences are of great help to the members in profession in respect of up-dating the knowledge and sharpening the technical skill to serve the society.

The society has high expectations from the professionals requiring services in compliance of various laws and also in fulfilment to the varying requirements of industries. Expectations of society can only be fulfilled with the specialised and integrated services by the Chartered Accountants which they acquire from their high standards of professional qualifications and continuing education programmes organised and conducted by the Institute, its Regional Councils and Branches.

The establishment of a Branch is the need of the day and it serves the purpose of a forum for all Chartered Accountants to interact on maters of mutual and professional interest providing a platform of Chartered Accountants to the Society. It is like the institute coming to our doorstep to serve its members and students. The important functions of the Branch are:

To Members:

  • Interaction by regular meetings and discussions on topics of mutual professional interest.

  • Acquisition and dissemination of useful information.

  • Arrangen5ent of talks and lectures on useful topics by eminent speakers

  • Library and reading room.

  • Availability of refresher courses.

  • Material co-ordination with the various local Departments of the Government for the purpose of enlisting and their support on the furtherance of the Interests of the members.

  • Liasion with the Regional Council and the Central Council of the Institute for all matters relating to the members and the Institute.


  • Guidance, Counsel and assistance towards pursuance of their course.

  • Exposure to uptodate information vide Seminars, talks and lectures.

  • Forum to meet and exchange views and notes with other students.

  • Establish a rapport with members.

  • Platform to the Regional Council and the Institute.

    Varanasi is the 20th Branch of Central India Regional Council of the institute of Chartered Accountant of India which shalll provide very useful services to its members, students and public. The Varanasi Branch was inaugurated on
    9th April 1989.

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